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The first thing you do is find a locker, take off all your clothes and stuff them in the box, grab a towel and a pair of disposable slippers and put the key to the locker around your wrist (handy elastic bands are provided.) Then take the first of seemingly a dozen showers.

Now you're in the saunas, or dry-air baths. The first room just heats you up, it's only 54 degrees (130 Fahrenheit.) Once you've become accustomed to that, try the next sauna for just a few moments, a blistering 68 degrees (155 F.) This should take you five to ten minutes.

Another shower, just to cool you off a bit. Then head for the steambaths. The first is 45 degrees (113 F,) and the second is 58 degrees (136 F). You should be panting by this time. Another shower!

Now, if you've decided to take the optional massage, queue up. The attendant will soap your body off, then thouroughly clean it with a soft bristle brush. When he or she is done, you can expect a little love tap on the rump with a towel. Another shower.

At any time in the 'treatment,' you can head into your lounge and relax on a wooden chaise.